Latest decisions of the World Motor Sport Council of the FIA concerning karting

At its meeting on 11 March 2010 in Bahrein and on proposals of the International Karting Commission Members, the FIA World Motor Sport Council took in particular the following decisions concerning Karting:

2010 CIK-FIA «U18» Karting World Championship 

The number of entries for the CIK-FIA «U18» World Championship will be limited to 102. This decision has been taken in order to allow the good running of each event because their format is limited to two and a half days of track time as the Friday morning is dedicated to the educational programme.

Entries will open on Thursday 1st April and applications will be considered in accordance with the date on which the full entry dossier has been received by the CIK-FIA Administration. Drivers will be able to enter with the chassis make of their choice, selected amongst the makes which will expressly have entered this Championship (closing of entries for chassis makes: 22 March).

The total minimum weight, Driver included, has been set at 153 kg.

The Paddock will be pre-installed by the CIK-FIA and a tent of 3 x 4.5 m will be placed at the disposal of each Driver for a renting fee.

As a reminder, engine (Parolin) and tyre (Dunlop) single-suppliers were designated in December 2009 by the World Council. These equipments will be allocated by drawing lots and delivered free of charge to all the Drivers at each of the three events of this new World Championship.

2010 CIK-FIA Karting Trophy Academy

In order to guarantee that the character of this new Trophy is as international as possible, it has been decided to grant the 34 karts made available on a free basis by the Parolin company to as many ASNs (National Sporting Authorities). It will be up to each ASN to designate the Driver (from 13 to 15 years old) by whom it will be represented. Applications will be accepted according to a priority order based on a classification of ASNs. At the top of this classification are ASNs with the most Karting events entered on the International Sporting Calendar or on a Zone Calendar. Then come ASNs which have not organised international or Zone events but were represented by their licence-holding Drivers in CIK-FIA Championships in 2009. It has thus been possible to draw up a list of 50 ASNs. If among these 50 Federations fewer than 34 decided to enter a Driver in the Academy, other ASNs would be invited to apply.

2010 CIK-FIA World Cup for KZ1
Drivers’ eligibility criteria for the World Cup for KZ1 (single event scheduled for 12 September 2010 at Braga/PRT) have been extended so as to open participation to extra nationalities. As was already the practice for the World Cups for KF2 and KF3, the criteria will henceforth include the possibility to enter for the best classified Drivers in a Zone Championship (Top 5) or in an ASN’s national Championship (Top 5). The other eligibility criteria now stipulate that only Drivers who have participated in all the rounds of the 2010 European KZ1, KZ2 or Super KF Championships can enter, as well as those who were classified in the first 33% of participants in the 2010 Viking Trophy for KZ2.

2010 CIK-FIA Karting World Championship
Drivers’ eligibility criteria for the Karting World Championship of the Super KF/KF1 category (single event scheduled for 19 September 2010 at Zuera/ESP, which will benefit from live broadcast on Eurosport International) have been determined as follows: Drivers allowed to enter will be those who will have participated in all the rounds of the 2010 European Super KF or KZ1 Championships, or in at least one round of the «U18» World Championship, or in one KF2 Championship, Cup or Trophy event in 2010. Drivers from the Asia-Pacific region must have taken part in the 2010 World Cup for Super KF or in the 2010 Asia-Pacific KF2 Championship. Eligible South-American Drivers must have taken part in the 2009 Panamerican Championship. And there will be a few places available for Drivers having achieved a minimum number of results in a Zone Championship recognised by the FIA.

Technical Regulations
Since 1993, the international technical regulations have prescribed the use of magnetic structural steels or magnetic structural steel alloys for the manufacturing of kart chassis. It has been decided that it was becoming necessary to define these types of steels by explicitly integrating the international metallurgic standards to the regulations. From 1st January 2011, the use of steel alloys the mass content of at least one alloy element of which exceeds or equals 5% will be banned. This banning will nonetheless be applied with immediate effect in the “U18” World Championship, taking into account that within the specific framework of this competition all the participants will have to buy a new chassis in July 2010 (mandatory rule accompanied by the allocation of chassis by drawing lots). It must be remembered that the philosophy of this new Championship is governed by the will to reduce costs very significantly and to promote equal opportunities.
In the method for the measuring of inlet and exhaust port opening angles, recourse to a 0.2 mm thick and 5 mm wide wedge replaces the use of the piano chord with a diameter of 0.2 mm.
As a result of the introduction of new safety elements (two-level bumpers), the minimum weight, Driver included, of Superkarts has been increased by 3 kilos: that of Division 1 karts is now 218 kilos and that of karts with single-cylinder engines is 208 kilos.

Homologation Regulations
Starting from a voluntary initiative of the CIK-FIA motivated by environmental and sanitary reasons, it has been decided to integrate to the Homologation Regulations some restrictions concerning the use of PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) in the manufacturing process of homologated kart tyres. Similar restrictions became mandatory on 1st January 2010 pursuant to European Directive 2005/69/EC for tyres used on all private cars, light and heavy trucks, agricultural vehicles and motorcycles.

Circuits Regulations
In consultation with the FIA Medical Commission, the chapter of the Circuits Regulations dedicated to Emergency Services has been revised with regard to aspects concerning Doctors (presence, interventions and competences), ambulances (presence and equipment), the infirmary (installation and equipment) and the premises reserved for anti-doping controls. A medical questionnaire specific to Karting and inspired from versions regularly used in other FIA disciplines has been drafted and will systematically be sent to ASNs and Organisers of CIK-FIA Championship events.

All the details of the World Council decisions concerning Karting are available on


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